Mass Effect Andromeda Box Art and Deluxe Edition Leak

Mass Effect Andromeda might be one of the most eagerly anticipated video game releases in the next year despite the fact gamers know virtually nothing about EA and BioWare’s new title. One of the biggest revelations fans have come to realize so far is that the protagonists in Mass Effect Andromeda are siblings, which, while pertinent information, isn’t […]

Overwatch Forums Glitch Out, Reveals Hidden Message From Sombra

Overwatch‘s mysterious new character Sombra has dropped a mysterious new message, this time in the form of a ‘glitch’ over at the Blizzard forums. Ever since Blizzard announced that new post-launch characters will be coming to Overwatch, the community has been following every tidbit of information that’s been dropped about these new heroes. The only new […]

How To Use Instagram’s New Voice Message Feature

Michael Grothaus 23/01/2019 – 2:26pm You can now send direct voicemail DM’s to your followers. Instagram’s most recent feature to get users to stay within their app is voice messaging. The company has long had direct messaging (DM) available in the app. DM’s allow you to get your Instagram followers, as well as send them […]