Czy Windows 10 Mobile może być lepszy od Androida?

Nie da się ukryć, że sytuacja Windows 10 Mobile nie należy do najlepszych. Microsoft oficjalnie informował, że w bieżącym roku nie będzie promował platformy mobilnej. Efekty tego widać gołym okiem: marginalne udziały rynkowe (czytaj: brak promocji i ograniczenie sprzedaży sprzętu jak i jego portfolio do minimum) oraz zniechęcenie sporej części dotychczasowych użytkowników stanem systemu. Czy […]

Review: GoPro HERO6 Black | TechCrunch

GoPro HERO6 Black review – GoPro has always occupied a fairly tight niche of camera users. In fact, there are almost certainly more people who own the action camera than have lives gnarly or radical enough to actually need them. With this laser focus has come GoPro’s ability to continue optimizing fully with each new update to […]

Review: GoPro Fusion 360 camera

GoPro Fusion 360 camera review – Spherical cameras seem to be one of the more undesired tech trends to be pushed on people in the past couple of years. Consumer tech companies have opted to develop these expensive products as a segue into capturing the user-generated VR vertical, but with VR itself in a rather tenuous […]

New Android apps you have to download in August 2016

August Prisma Prisma is one of the most impressive photo-editing apps we’ve ever come across. It’s not concerned with offering a comprehensive set of editing features – this is not a tool for “serious” photo fixing – instead, it focuses simply on filters. And what beautiful filters they are.  Rather than applying different color palettes, Prisma alters […]