Metro Developer Teases New Game

4A Games, developer of the Metro shooter series, drops a pair of mysterious images on Facebook and Twitter that may point towards the developer’s next gaming project. Both Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light proved to be surprise hits of the last gaming generation. The titles, which are set in the same universe as Dmitry Glukhovsky’s […]

Kingdom Hearts Full Story Recap – Game Rant

report this ad Less than two weeks remain before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, which may be the most anticipated game of 2019. Kingdom Hearts 3 marks the culmination of the franchise’s story so far, known as the Dark Seeker Saga or the Xehanort Saga. The story so far spans eleven different games and […]

Metro Exodus review

I’M INFILTRATING A BANDIT HIDEOUT in an old warehouse in the middle of the Russian post-apocalyptic tundra, armed only with a few rickety guns cobbled together from rusty parts, and my wits. It turns out my wits let me down before the guns, rusty parts or no. I approach the compound at night. That’s risky because the […]

Video: Recap of the Mobile Nations reader meetups

We had a couple of reader meetups this week in New York City and San Francisco. Rene Ritchie of Vector and Phil Nickinson a.k.a. Modern Dad were hanging out at the San Francisco party, while Mr. Mobile and I were mingling with the New York City crowd. There was free food, and free giveaways, but […]