HTC U11: both sides of the coin

Point 1: HTC U11 design The HTC U11’s design is mostly made of glass. © AndroidPIT Steffen’s opinion: “A beautiful design” The design is a key element because it influences our opinion of the phone based from the first impression. The HTC U11 didn’t disappoint me in this regard. Its the curved glass with its attractive color […]

PewDiePie Copyright Strike from Firewatch Dev Accepted

After Felix Kjellberg, better known by his monicker PewDiePie, used racist language during a livestream of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there was an immediate reaction from within the video game community. Campo Santo Games, the developer of acclaimed 2016 indie hit Firewatch, did not pull any punches regarding this latest PewDiePie racism controversy, with developer Sean Vanaman […]

Where to Find All the Hidden Coins

Since its launch, Cuphead has earned a reputation of being an ultra difficult platformer, with some even comparing it to the Dark Souls franchise. Considering this, gamers will need every edge they can get in order to beat all of its stages and bosses. Luckily, there are ways to make the game easier, like making a […]

11 Tips for Playing as Doomfist

It’s official: Doomfist is the newest hero in Overwatch. Immediately after announcing the new offense hero, Blizzard released the buff, punching character to the game’s PTR (Public Test Region.) As Overwatch players on PC get to grips with the character, various strategies have emerged for playing Doomfist and making the most of his abilities. Here is […]