Whatsup10 – Whats Up 10 – A new WhatsApp client for BlackBerry 10 from Nemory Studios

whatsapp 10 for blackberry, Whats up 10 for blackberry, Whatsapp for Blackberry 10, Whatsup 10 for Whatsapp, Whatsup 10 Blackberry, Whatsup10 pro, Whatsup 10 Download, Download Whatsup 10, Whatsapp Blackberry, Whatsup Blackberry, Whatsup10 Blackberry – We all know right now that WhatsApp is shutting down their app for BlackBerry 10 and other platforms on December 31, 2017. But we at Nemory Studios has […]

WhatsUp10 – WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10, WhatsApp BlackBerry 10, WhatsUp Blackberry – With WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 scheduled to shut down as of June 30, BlackBerry 10 owners have been looking for workarounds to keep WhatsApp running on their devices. One option is to run the Android version of WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 but now Nemory Studios has […]

Bethesda Game Studios Hiring With Multiplayer Focus

Whether it’s The Elder Scrolls or Fallout, games developed by Bethesda Game Studios have generally had a single player focus. However, that may be about to change with the developer’s next project. According to a recent job posting, Bethesda Game Studios could be looking to reach out into multiplayer gameplay. Specifically, the job listing is […]

Forza Motorsport 7 Leaked by Fanatec

The development of Forza Motorsport 7 is leaked by wheel manufacturer Fanatec, after a post on the company’s forums from CEO Thomas Jackermeier confirmed the game. The Forza Motorsport series in general is one of the crown jewels of Microsoft. The Turn 10 Studios-developed series is seen by many as the best racing franchise on […]

Portal Designer Joins Visceral’s Star Wars Game

Motive Studios, which is working with Visceral Games on an as-yet-untitled Star Wars project, reveals that Portal lead designer Kim Swift has joined the team. Even though details about the Visceral Games Star Wars project are remaining scarce, fans of the beloved sci-fi universe are extremely excited about the in-development title. Part of this comes […]

Crash Remaster Dev Working on Post-Release Content

Crash Remaster Dev Working on Post-Release Content – Although Activision may have gotten ahead of itself by talking about Destiny 2 post-release content during a recent earnings call, it was apparently important for the publisher to assure fans the sequel would be different. Yes, Destiny 2 will have the usual bevy of DLC, complete with […]