Pokemon GO: Rock-type Event Details

Pokemon GO Event – Despite the numerous criticisms that have plagued the app since its launch, Pokemon GO has maintained a vice-like grip on the imaginations of mobile gamers everywhere. Niantic’s take on the long-held dream of Pokemon mixed with every day reality still enjoys a massive and active playerbase, and if the statistics behind Pokemon GO‘s Grass-type […]

Pop Camera is a fun toy camera app for your iPhone

Pop Camera is an app that turns your camera into an old-school toy camera without the clunkiness of buying said camera or fussing with film. The app has been around for a few years, but I’ve just started discovering how fun it can be to shoot with. The app lets you take photos using different […]

Resident Evil 7 Season Pass Details Revealed

Resident Evil 7, in many ways, is a return to form for one of Capcom’s oldest and most beloved franchises. Resident Evil 7 might not feature the same emphasis on zombies and pandemics that has colored many of the series’ earlier entries, but it is, at its core, a Capcom-made Resident Evil. Capcom’s latest instalment in the […]

Far Cry 5 Story and Setting Details Leak

A fresh leak about Far Cry 5 has revealed details about the game’s story, setting and even a love interest for its protagonist. Ubisoft officially announced Far Cry 5 last week, promising that the game would be released within this financial year. On reddit, a person who claims to have been part of a Far […]