Advertisement is hoping to be the next big thing in AI

William James Adams, Jr., or to hip hop music fans, has been dipping his toes in all kinds of tech hardware projects, including artificial intelligence. His digital voice-controlled AI project, called Omega, is not quite what you’d expect, but it’s certainly exciting. is not your typical American rapper or producer. Most famous, perhaps, […]

How to Craft Masterwork Weapons – Game Rant

Anthem is now available to players who subscribe to Origin Access Premier, so it’s safe to presume that there are a decent amount of Freelancers who are currently seeking some solid guns to improve their Javelin loadouts. One of the highest-tiered weapons a player can get will be labelled as a Masterwork, and they can […]

Oops! Samsung LEAKS its Entire 2019 Wearables Range

Damien McFerran 15/02/2019 – 8:25am Someone is going to get fired… The release of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 has been plagued by leaks, so much so that we’re not entirely sure the Korean company will have all that much to show that’s not already known when it officially announces the handset later this month, […]

Artificial Intelligence Changing Art – XtremeRain

Pen or pencil to paper are the only limited tools artists used in the past. Now, artists are living in a new world where they cannot avoid artificial intelligence. Art for Digital Purposes Even though AI has aided in cutting down the time spent on detailed art, the art of drawing and painting is slowly […]

Why the Galaxy S10e is a good idea

There are just a few days left before the official launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 line. The South Korean brand is likely going to face fierce competition, as many manufacturers will be taking advantage of MWC to announce their new products as well. However, there are several elements that make me think that the […]