Pokemon Ultra Moon Review

The Pokemon franchise has been evolving for quite some time. When Pokemon Black and White changed the face of modern day Pokemon adventures, it paved the way for more fully-realized worlds and more intricate battles. Remakes, such as HeartGold and SoulSilver, had also proven that backtracking for Pokemon could be profitable. There has never been a series more inextricably tied to the success of […]

Od 13 września Ultra Bonus Event w Pokémon Go!

Od 13 września do 23 października potrwa Ultra Bonus EVent w ramach którego trenerzy z całego świata będą mogli skorzystać z kilku wyjątkowych okazji w grze Pokémon Go. Zwieńczeniem tegorocznych letnich wydarzeń specjalnych w grze mobilnej Pokémon Go jest wyjątkowy Ultra Bonus Event, który przyniesie sporo niespodzianek dla trenerów z całego świata. Zapamiętaj te daty […]

Pokemon GO Changes In-Game Map Feature

Pokémon GO players may have noticed a change in their game’s overworld map. This news is due to developer Niantic switching from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap (OSM.). OSM is an open source, editable mapping project, which means it may be changed by any player encountering map-related issues. Furthermore, changes in Google Maps had to wait […]

Pokemon Trading Card Game Getting New Sun and Moon Expansion

The Pokemon franchise is bigger than it has ever been, that much is evident by the fact that Pokemon Sun and Moon marked the biggest debut for the property ever. That’s an incredibly impressive feat for Nintendo’s majority-owned subsidiary, and while the core RPG installments are still king, many fans will be happy to know that the Pokemon […]

Pokemon GO Starts Special Trading Event – Game Rant

Pokemon GO added Pokemon trading a little over a month ago, and now it’s launching its first event based on the feature. The Special Trading Event went live in Pokemon GO earlier today, and it lasts until August 19 at 9pm PDT. The Special Trading Event in Pokemon GO comes with a bunch of special bonuses players can […]

Pokémon Go is now the biggest mobile game in US history

Earlier this week, we reported that Pokémon Go was more popular in the US than Tinder and about to outpace Twitter for the size of its active user base. Now developer Niantic’s new title is speeding towards behemoths Google Maps and Snapchat, which have daily active user bases of around 15 million on US Android devices. SurveyMonkey’s graphs below point toward a remarkable surge in […]