Capcom Confirmed Chris Redfield Is Not A Trick

Ever since Capcom announced the Not A Hero story expansion for Resident Evil 7 would star Chris Redfield, some fans have theorized that it is an imposter due to his drastically altered appearance and apparent association with the antagonistic Umbrella Corporation. However, Capcom has now put those theories to rest, going on record to clarify […]

After years of neglect, Snapchat wins in the developing world

Snapchat doubled its Rest of World revenue this quarter. That’s a surprise, considering CEO Evan Spiegel never seemed to care about anyone but U.S. teens. Snapchat’s Android app was buggy. Its videos loaded too slowly on weak connections. And Spiegel even admitted “Historically we’ve really focused our efforts on markets where [high-end phones and broadband […]

How to add your Square Cash account to Apple Pay

You can create a unique and secure virtual card for Square Cash to add to Apple Pay. Square Cash, the payment service app that lets you send and receive money with just a few taps, was updated with the ability to add your Cash Virtual Card to Apple Pay. This makes it possible for you […]

Poll results: the digital assistant champion

The Digital Assistant Champion, The Best Digital Assistant – There’s a lot of talk about AI assistants and machine learning right now, and the market is becoming even more crowded this year as Samsung’s Bixby was just released with the Galaxy S8. We wanted to know which one you think is the most competitive of all the […]

Samsung Galaxy S8: what features do you want to see?

Samsung’s S7 and S7 Edge are incredibly popular smartphones and despite a wobbly end to 2016 for the company, we’re excited to look ahead at what 2017 might hold for us. One of the expected highlights will be the Galaxy S8, if 2016 is anything to judge by. Samsung Galaxy S8 concepts that surfaced early in […]

Which Character To Start With? – Game Rant

Let’s get this out of the way right at the start: There’s no single, correct answer to this question. Octopath Traveler allows players to select whichever character they prefer at the start of the game and the rest can be added to the party at a later point. That said, there are some consequences that […]