Why can’t Google Assistant be installed on a tablet?

Google Assistant is now available on a wide range of smartphones, with more scheduled to receive it in the weeks ahead. There have already been some complaints about another problem: the app will not be available for tablets. In theory, tablets could have potential… I don’t need to tell you that there are many types of […]

Pre-installed Malware: Should you be worried?

Results of the CheckPoint study The digital security company, Check Point, released the results of a study in which 38 devices, from two different clients, were found to be infected with malware. In both cases, the malware was installed on the device at some unknown point in the supply chain. In other words, some nasty employee has […]

Whatsapp TPK Update, How To Download Whatsapp From Tizen Store

Whatsapp Tpk Zip, Whatsapp TPK, Whatsapp Tizen, ACL Tizen, Whatsapp Samsung Z2, Whatsapp Z1, Whatsapp Z3, tizentech – WhatsApp is must have app on any mobile device, may it Apple, Android, Windows or our own Tizen OS. Everybody wants it on thier smartphone. The best part is Tizen has its own WhatsApp Messenger app – created by official Facebook developers. It […]

Sideload Google Play Store – Install Google Play Store to Balckberry 10

Blackberry Google, Google Account, Sideload BB10, Sideload Google Play Store, Install Google Play Store to Balckberry 10, Google Play Services For Blackberry Z10 – Follow our tutorial to install the Google Play Store to your BlackBerry 10 phone. Download the Play Store and install Android apps to your BB10 device. Compatible BlackBerry 10 Devices BlackBerry must […]

A Few Tips to Fix Sapphire HD 7770 Errors

There are two common errors related to Sapphire HD 7770 that you might get, both of which are discussed in detail in this post. Fix Sapphire HD 7770 Error 1: You might get the following error message: “No AMD graphics driver installed or is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your […]


Download ACL for Tizen, ACL for Tizen Upgrade Version, Update ACL Tizen, Z2 Z3 ACL, tizentech tk  –  If you are using Tizen smartphone then you must interacted with ACL for Tizen app. It is now pre-installed app on all the Tizen smartphones, I mean Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1. If you don’t know why this […]