3 Useful Tips on Optimizing SSD Performance

For most people, the biggest reason for choosing an SSD (solid state drive) would be its amazing read and write speed. But do you know what makes SSD faster than HDD? Let’s start from internal design of SSD. What Makes SSD Faster Like a USB flash drive or memory stick, there are no moving parts […]


style=”display:block” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-6830082075718194″ data-ad-slot=”1132902868″ data-ad-format=”auto”/> In past, I had introduced several blue screen of death problems and their solutions. After a long time, I’ve come with a new BSOD. Recently, So many windows 10 users have reported they’ve faced a new BSOD called INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE. When i searched online about it, I found a few […]

Xbox Game Pass Games List for Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-style subscription service for games, offering access to more than 100 Xbox One and backward compatible Xbox 360 games at $9.99 per month. However, unlike traditional streaming services, you’ll be downloading games to your hard drive without the risk of losing visual fidelity. Everything you need to know about Xbox […]

Xbox Game Pass – nielimitowany dostęp do ponad 100 gier za około 40 zł miesięcznie –

Dziś Microsoft zapowiedział nową usługę, z której zadowoleni będą posiadacze konsol Xbox – poznajcie Xbox Game Pass, czyli ponad 100 tytułów gier, które dostępne będą bez limitu w miesięcznym abonamencie. Jak informuje Microsoft na stronie poświęconej usłudze, start przewidziany jest na koniec wiosny. Cena jaką przyjdzie nam zapłacić za usługę to $9,99 miesięcznie, czyli w przeliczeniu […]


style=”display: block;” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-6830082075718194″ data-ad-slot=”1132902868″ data-ad-format=”auto”> Sometimes, Blue screen error can hamper your works by sudden appearance. MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION is one of them though it is not very common BSOD. This problem can come temporarily and disappear automatically. Sometimes, It may appear frequently after installing a new hardware. In that case, You must know how to […]

How to Fix System Service Exception in Windows 10, 8.1 and 8

You have just installed Windows 10 or 8. You don’t expect any hassles. But sometimes you really have to face some unexpected errors with windows. Blue screen errors are some of them. System service exception is one of a blue screen errors. Like other blue screen errors, it may appear repeatedly with a error message ‘Your PC ran into a problem […]