Whatsapp Fixer – WhatsFixer file sharing in the Android WhatsApp app for BlackBerry 10

Whatsapp Fixer apk, WhatsappFixer for BlackBerry, whatappfixer blackberry, whatapp fixer, whatsfixer apk – While WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 is still chugging along, some folks have moved onto using the Android version of WhatsApp on their BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The move is not without some issues, however, key among them being the problems that arise when trying to send media files. Now though, […]

Samsung confirms it’s working on a smart speaker

Samsung is already working on getting into the smart speaker market. DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile division, confirmed the news to CNBC today at its Galaxy Note 8 event, saying the product would launch “soon.” That timeline isn’t specific, but at least it’s something. Koh says he’s already working on the device and wants […]

How to fix camera not working problem in windows 10

Though upgrading to windows 10 is a cinch, you might encounter a few problems with certain hardware after completing the upgrade. For instance, “camera not working” is a common problem that many new Windows 10 users complain about. In this article, You will know how to efficiently resolve the problem. Error Message You might get the […]

Crash Remaster Dev Working on Post-Release Content

Crash Remaster Dev Working on Post-Release Content – Although Activision may have gotten ahead of itself by talking about Destiny 2 post-release content during a recent earnings call, it was apparently important for the publisher to assure fans the sequel would be different. Yes, Destiny 2 will have the usual bevy of DLC, complete with […]