Is Sony Working on PSN Name Change Feature?

Sony’s opening celebration at PlayStation Experience 2017 brought a handful of major game reveals such as the MediEvil remaster. However, one of the biggest teases during the show’s opener wasn’t about a game at all. As part of the opening celebration interviews, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shawn Layden sat down with Greg Miller […]

Fix Right Click is not Working on Windows 10

style=”display:block” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-6830082075718194″ data-ad-slot=”1132902868″ data-ad-format=”auto”/> After installing Windows 10, You may face some common problems, If you are unlucky. I’ve already shared several problems and the methods to get rid of these. But, Now, You will know about a new problem. It is “Mouse or Touchpad Right button click is not working”. Sometimes, In windows 10, […]

Bethesda Working on ‘Bleeding-Edge AAA Freemium’ Game

A Bethesda Game Studios job listing confirms that the Fallout and Elder Scrolls developer is working on a “bleeding-edge AAA freemium” game. The job listing, which is for a Game Performance Manager, is located at Bethesda’s new Montreal studio which was founded in 2015. Expectations for the job include “monetization design” and “business model recommendations,” which […]

Poll: How’s that VR headset working out for you?

Now that your belly is stuffed, it’s time to satiate that other yawning chasm of desire. Today’s “Black Friday,” as the natives call it, which means that many Americans are now in their underwear busily filling their online shopping carts with gifts galore. Many Verge readers are undoubtedly taking advantage of the $100 discount on […]

Huawei is reportedly working on an Android alternative

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has been developing an alternative mobile operating system since 2012, according to the South China Morning Post. The strategy was implemented to prepare for “worst case scenarios”, the website claims, after the company was investigated for selling embargoed US technology to Iran in 2012. And apparently it’s got operating systems for tablets […]

Camera Not Working Error Code 0xa00f4244 Fixed

If you Currently Upgraded to Windows 10 and have Integrated or External Camera, Then you may not be able to use it because of Error code 0xa00f4244. Earlier we posted Series of post covering Various Windows 10 Update errors that users were getting.To be Exact, the Message will pop up saying “We can’t find your […]