Watch Rocket Lab’s first commercial launch, ‘It’s Business Time’ [Update: Postponed] – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab, the New Zealand-based rocket company that is looking to further amplify the commercial space frenzy, is launching its first fully paid payload atop an Electron rocket tonight — technically tomorrow morning at the launch site. If successful, it will mark a significant new development in the highly competitive world of commercial launches. Update: […]

No HTC U12 Launch At MWC Because…. Samsung

Richard Goodwin 29/01/2018 – 9:59am HTC will not be showing off its new HTC U12 phone at MWC 2018, reports suggest MWC 2018 is just around the corner, but this year’s event will NOT see the HTC U12. Why? Simple: Samsung’s launching its Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ at the event and those phones […]

Project Scorpio Is Six Months Away From Launch

After today’s Xbox Project Scorpio hardware debut, questions regarding the followup to the upcoming console’s release date are louder than ever. While the official word from Microsoft is still “Holiday 2017,” speedy production is reportedly positioning the console for a launch as soon as six months from now. That’s not to say the console will launch absolutely […]

How the Counselor Clothing Update Works

Details regarding Friday the 13th‘s “Counselor Clothing Update” have been made available by co-developer IllFonic. The Clothing Counselor Update will allow Friday the 13th players to completely change their outfits and then customize each individual piece of that outfit. In addition, the customization system is being revamped to streamline the process and make it easier […]