Aplikacja Microsoft Apps zmienia nazwę na Your Phone Companion

Microsoft wraz z premierą kolejnej dużej aktualizacji systemu Windows 10 chce zaoferować użytkownikom jeszcze większą integrację telefonu z komputerem. Szybkie przeglądanie zdjęć z telefonu, obsługa wiadomości SMS czy odbieranie powiadomień na komputerze z pewnością okaże się przydatne w codziennej pracy. Jedną z wymaganych aplikacji do obsługi nowej funkcjonalności jest Microsoft Apps, która zmienia nazwę na […]

Steps to Remove Bloatware from Android Phone

Ever heard of bloatware? Basically, it’s unwanted software on your phone or gadget. The useless apps preinstalled on your phone by the manufacturers? Yeah, that’s it! It may be an eyesore and makes it difficult to find the apps you do use, plus it takes up a LOT of your phone’s storage space and battery […]

How to Set or Change Default Apps in Android

There are so many perks for Android users. Huge amount of apps and games availability in Google Play Store and other market places is one of an alteration reason to choose Android phones over iPhone or windows mobile. The only thing that trouble having multiple apps to do a single task. So, Android will ask which app you […]

How To Move Apps To An SD Card

29/06/2018 – 3:14pm Need more storage space on your phone? Need to use the microSD card to store apps? There are times when you may find your phone’s onboard storage insufficient, and want to install applications to a microSD card embedded in the handset. Not all Android phones actually allow you to store apps on […]

Hinge is one of the first popular dating apps to add video

Dating app Hinge is introducing video features to its users today. According to Mashable, Hinge users will be free to add video clips to their profile from Facebook, Instagram, or their phone. The company released a brief video about the feature rollout, including the cheeky pitch that this app needs video “because your life isn’t […]