Poll results: the digital assistant champion

The Digital Assistant Champion, The Best Digital Assistant – There’s a lot of talk about AI assistants and machine learning right now, and the market is becoming even more crowded this year as Samsung’s Bixby was just released with the Galaxy S8. We wanted to know which one you think is the most competitive of all the […]

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Review: 2018's Budget Android Champion?

Damien McFerran 07/03/2018 – 5:38pm Xiaomi serves up the big-screen experience on a shoestring £130.00 Chinese firm Xiaomi is the often referred to as the Apple of the East, but that’s not simple hyperbole; this firm is a massive deal in its homeland thanks to its range of well-made smartphones which deliver a polished user […]

Monster Hunter: World – Buyer’s Guide for Xbox One

Following its success on rival console platforms, the Monster Hunter series is on track to make its Xbox One debut this month. Bringing its beast-slaying action to the console, Monster Hunter: World will be the most ambitious title in the series yet, with revamped graphics, a new open-world structure, and seamless co-op integration. With several […]

Monster Hunter: World ships 5 million copies over launch weekend

Last week Monster Hunter: World made its worldwide debut, with a release across both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As a franchise synonymous with Nintendo’s platforms and earlier Sony consoles, this latest entry for current generation hardware brought major improvements to the scope and depth of its world. And with a rewarding gameplay loop, Monster […]

World Beta – How to Get the Exclusive Skin

After its announcement at E3 2017, Monster Hunter World is now only a week away for console players. Capcom hasn’t been shy about showing off the game, releasing longer gameplay videos of locations like the Rotten Vale, though thanks to multiple betas, players have been able to get a pretty good feel for how the […]

EA job listing points to an open-world Star Wars game

With the closure of Visceral Games many months ago, EA effectively doused the hopes for an open-world Star Wars game, a title industry veterans like Uncharted’s Amy Hennig were working on. However, it seems like the publisher isn’t done with the concept just yet. Recently, a new listing was spotted on EA Vancouver’s jobs page […]