Xiaomi Mi Mix w kolorze Pearl White robi furorę na CES 2017

Xiaomi Mi Mix to smartfon, który od samego początku wywołuje wiele komentarzy, zazwyczaj bardzo pozytywnych. Ekran pozbawiony ramek zapewnia mu atrakcyjną stylistykę, którą producent postarał się teraz jeszcze bardziej zwiększyć. Na targach CES 2017 Xiaomi pochwaliło się nowym wariantem smartfona – Pearl White. To oczywiście nawiązanie do koloru obudowy, ponieważ sama specyfikacja pozostała bez zmian. I […]

Fix Cortana "Ask Me Anything" Search Turned White

style=”display:inline-block;width:336px;height:280px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-4449342317854613″ data-ad-slot=”2404470684″/> Recently Some Windows 10 updated has made changes to the Cortana Search bar. The Color of Cortana Ask Me Anything Search bar has changed it’s color from grey to White. This is not a Big problem but users are finding it very irritating. Windows 10 task bar is black in color and […]

Overwatch Teases Continue with Torbjorn’s Letter

Blizzard continues to release teasers for what’s assumed to be Overwatch‘s next big event. Today’s teaser comes in the form of a letter from turret-building engineer Torbjorn written to his wife, Ingrid. The letter expands on the events detailed in last week’s teaser, wherein Torbjorn was seriously injured in combat during operation “White Dome.” Torbjorn’s […]

Charlottesville has sidelined a nationwide anti-Google protest

A nine-city protest against Google for firing engineer James Damore is being called off after last weekend’s white supremacist rally. “March on Google” organizer Jack Posobiec pushed the event back by “a few weeks” this morning, due to what he called “credible alt-left terrorist threats” and “malicious and false statements” connecting the march with far-right […]