SoftBank increasing Sprint stake after T-Mobile deal called off

The proposed tie-up between two American telecom giants was formally called off this weekend. Sprint and T-Mobile had been negotiations for months but ultimately decided not to go forward with a deal. “The companies were unable to find mutually agreeable terms,” the businesses announced in a joint press release Saturday. Last week, reports suggested that […]

Yik Yak is back with a college Slack called Hive

Yik Yak crashed and burned after raising $73.5 million… then laying off most of its employees as users ditched its anonymous message board app. But now Yik Yak appears to be taking another shot at the college demographic with an app for chatting up people with the same classes, major or interest. Last week, an […]

6 so-called features to disable on your new smartphone

Choose “I don’t think so.” or “Yes, I think so.”. Oops! Seems like something went wrong. Reloading might help. I don’t think so. Oops! Seems like something went wrong. Reloading might help. Yes, I think so. The items in this article shouldn’t be treated as absolute rules that every user must follow. You can choose to […]

Baidu will launch its autonomous buses in Japan next year

Baidu’s self-driving buses could hit the road in Japan by early 2019, Bloomberg reports. And even sooner in a handful of Chinese cities, according to Engadget. The tech company announced at its annual developers conference that it has ramped up manufacturing, Bloomberg reports. It will be rolling the buses out in Japan in partnership with […]

What does the ‘R’ in iPhone XR stand for?

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now: Apple has unveiled three new iPhones. During the big event, the Cupertino company gave away all the details on the devices, from features to pricing, but left out one little thing. We’ve been left scratching our heads wondering what the name of the most affordable new iPhone […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Loot Boxes

Dragon Ball FighterZ stands as one of the first big video game releases of 2018, and it may be bringing with it a trend that stirred up quite a bit of controversy last year. As discovered by users with early copies of the game, Dragon Ball FighterZ will have a form of loot boxes called Z […]