YouTube’s new music streaming service reportedly launching next March

YouTube’s new music streaming service is set to launch next March, tentatively with the name Remix, according to a Bloomberg report. The news confirms an earlier report from The Verge published back in July, in which YouTube’s music head Lyor Cohen revealed that the company had plans to combine its YouTube Red video subscription service with its existing Google Play Music […]

YouTube revamps its Red subscription service to offer standalone music streaming – TechCrunch

Like Google’s messaging focus, YouTube’s efforts to spin out successful streaming and music products has felt confusing and haphazard. Now the company is simplifying and consolidating that play by decoupling the music and film components with the launch of a new service. YouTube Music is, as the name suggests, a music streaming service that will […]

One of YouTube’s biggest creators just launched a video-based app off-platform

YouTuber Philip DeFranco hasn’t been shy about voicing his problems with the often-changing platform. “I am tired of trying to work with the alcoholic, negligent stepfather that is YouTube,” he said in a video published in April. Now, he’s launched a new app that enables video-to-video communications between both community members and DeFranco himself. DeFranco […]