Pokemon GO: Shiny Sableye Has Been Confirmed

Pokemon GO officially introduced Gen 3 Pokemon this week as part of its Halloween event. Just a few spooky, Ghost-type Pokemon from the Hoenn region have been added to the game, but developer Niantic is making sure that it’s well worth it for players who go out and try to catch the new additions.

Pokemon GO players have now confirmed that one of the new Pokemon added to the game, Sableye, has a shiny variation. Players took to social media today to share images of shiny Sableye, with the color palette of its body changing from a deep purple to a dazzling gold color. Shiny Sableye changes the Pokemon’s eye color from a pale blue to a light yellow as well, while the red gemstone on its chest changes to a bright green gem instead.

Shiny Sableye is just the first confirmed shiny variation of the new Gen 3 Pokemon so far. As the new characters were only made available earlier today, it’s unclear whether there are any others. However, if Pokemon GO developer Niantic has actually introduced shiny variations for all of the new Pokemon, then players will have a limited to in which to capture them. The Gen 3 characters will only be available in the wild until November 2, and so players will be rushed to find the notoriously elusive shinies before then.

Pokemon GO shiny SableyePokemon GO shiny Sableye screenshot

Even if shiny Sableye is the lone shiny of the pack, Pokemon GO players still appreciate the new variation as only a handful of shinies have become available in the game so far. For example, there is shiny Pikachu (along with shiny Raichu and Pichu) as well as shiny Magikarp and a shiny of its evolution, Gyarados. Any Pokemon that joins the small ranks of the ‘shiny variation’ club is welcomed with open arms.

It should be noted that the shiny fun may not be over as players previously uncovered shiny legendaries in Pokemon GO‘s code. Moreover, Niantic has confirmed that it will be introducing additional Gen 3 Pokemon this December and so it stands to reason that they could follow in Sableye’s footsteps, getting their own shiny variations too.

Nothing is confirmed for now, but fans will certainly be on the lookout. Pokemon GO players once caught half a billion Magikarp looking for shinies and it seems quite likely that they will do similar numbers to find out whether shiny Sableye brought a few friends along with it.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

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