Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Features Familiar Location – Game Rant

Much about the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action/CGI movie is still under wraps, but a set photo has revealed at least one of the locations where the film will take place.

The set photo shows a billboard for a town called “Green Hills,” which is clearly a reference to the Green Hill Zone level from the video games. For Sonic the Hedgehog fans, Green Hill Zone is easily one of the most recognizable levels in the entire series, as it serves as the starting area for more than one game in the franchise.

After the release of this set photo, it seems as though some people have been misled and think the town is called “Green Hill” as opposed to “Green Hills.” That’s because the photo doesn’t feature a full view of the billboard, but the sheriff’s car in the background shows that the town is indeed called Green Hills. This is a slight departure from what the area is called in the video games, but at least it’s not a significant change and the name should still be recognizable to fans.

In the movie, the sheriff’s car belongs to the character played by James Marsden, who will be working with the local townspeople to save Sonic from the clutches of the government. The government isn’t the only threat that Marsden’s character, Tom Wachowski, and Sonic will have to deal with, however. Jim Carrey has been cast as Dr. Eggman/Robotnik, and he will presumably serve as the primary antagonist of the film.

As previously stated, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the film, though, and in fact, we basically only know this synopsis and some of the cast. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is still early in the filming process, but with a release date planned for next year, fans should expect to learn more information in the coming months.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie will release in theaters on November 15, 2019.

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