Steph Curry Takes On Mario Kart 8 on Twitch

It seems that Mario Kart 8 is highly popular amongst athletes; recently, an MLB team played the game during a three-hour delay. Now, it seems Stephen Curry – the point guard of the Golden State Warriors – represented the NBA in a Twitch stream of the game, and well, he clearly shoots better than he races.

He joined fellow athlete Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants during his Coral Sword stream and competed against Pence, his wife Lexi Pence, and Sanford Bledsoe in Mario Kart 8. In his first race, he finished in tenth place, and in another, he finished in second as Yoshi. He managed to shortly grab first place during a race as Waluigi – before being destroyed by a green shell. While seeing Steph Curry in a Twitch stream may be lively for most, he may not have much of a future in competitive gaming.

This may be the only chance Steph Curry’s fanbase can catch him before the next season begins, as it is not likely that Curry would start his own streaming channel based on his performance here. However, Mario Kart 8 and other games will hopefully remain popular among MLB and NBA athletes. Video games are even popular among WWE superstars, even though they prefer Crash Bandicoot. 

Both Steph Curry and Mario Kart 8 have an extensive list of accolades, with the latter winning multiple Game of the Year and Best Racing Game awards when it first launched in 2014. Its enhanced Switch port, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, even won a few awards and held the second spot on Amazon’s best-selling list, with Nintendo dominating the top of the chart.

Since its inception as Super Mario Kart, the Mario Kart series has received good reviews and maintained a high level of popularity. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere as far as racing games are concerned, so perhaps more stars like Stephen Curry will appear on streams playing the highly-competitive game. Who would you like to see try their hand at this racing game? Let us know in the comments, Ranters!

Mario Kart 8 is available now for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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