Super Deluxe gets shut down by Turner, again

Super Deluxe, Turner Broadcasting’s home for wonderfully weird and wacky comedy, is shutting down. Deadline reports that Turner Media decided to axe the internet-turned-TV comedy hub 12 years after the company was first acquired. Super Deluxe helped start the careers of some of today’s best comedians, including Maria Bamford and Tim Heidecker.

This isn’t the first time Turner has shut down Super Deluxe. After launching in 2006, Super Deluxe was rolled into Adult Swim in 2008. Turner decided to bring it back as a standalone network about three years ago, with a focus on creating longer-form TV series.

Super Deluxe co-founder Shahruz Shaukat confirmed the news on Twitter earlier today, adding in a follow-up tweet that the team had known “since the beginning of the year basically.”

Turner’s statement to Deadline about the decision to shut down Super Deluxe said there had been issues regarding “duplication with other business units in our new WarnerMedia portfolio.”

“Super Deluxe found inspiring ways of connecting with a new generation and many of their best practices will be adopted by other Turner properties as we redirect this investment back into our portfolio,” the statement reads.

AT&T, which merged with Time Warner earlier this year, is gearing up to launch a streaming service with multiple WarnerMedia networks.

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