Tablet Deals: How To Get An Awesome Tablet [For LESS]

Richard Goodwin

02/07/2018 – 12:19pm

Looking for the best possible tablet deals? Check out this simple guide for picking up tablet devices for A LOT less

If you’re after a tablet device in 2018, you should probably only really be looking at Apple’s iPad.

Why? Simple: it has the most robust ecosystem, meaning apps and content, and there are now a fair few models to choose from.

If you want the best of the best, you’re best off with the iPad Pro. Looking for something cheaper? Go with the standard iPad model.

Pound for pound, Apple’s iPads are the best tablets around right now. And that has been the case for quite some time.

What About Microsoft’s Surface?

Microsoft’s Surface line of hybrid laptops are also very impressive, especially if you prefer using a full-fat desktop OS.

Surface machines are essentially laptops, just with tablet functionality – hence the term “hybrid”.

The Surface is going to solve a couple of problems for you: 1) it can replace your laptop, and 2) you can also use it as a tablet device.

Microsoft is the best source to buy Surface machines from. They often run deals on older machines, so it is definitely worth checking out the Microsoft Store for deals.

How To Buy iPads For Less

Apple’s iPads, especially the Pro models, are pretty darn expensive.

And because of the nature of them, I’d argue that it makes a lot of sense to buy yours reconditioned.

Why? Simple: you’ll save a TON of money and get exactly the same product – it’s a win/win, basically.

If you go with a provider like Gazelle for your reconditioned iPad, not only will you get make a saving of around 30% but you’ll also get a device that looks brand new.

Gazelle retails ALL iPad models too, so if you wanted the iPad Pro but were put off by its lofty price tag, going the reconditioned route makes a lot of sense.

You can check out Gazelle’s latest iPad deals here for a better overview of what’s available right now.

Is iOS The Best Tablet Operating System?

Kind of, yeah. It is definitely the most robust when it comes to applications and content.

If you’re after a straight-up tablet device, you really can’t beat Apple’s iPad.

Plenty have tried, and 99.9% of them have failed. Even Google’s attempts at creating a rival have pretty much failed.

This is why we always recommend Apple’s iPad to anyone that is looking for a tablet device.

And I would 100% get one reconditioned too. Apple makes enough money as it is!

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