Android is preparing for a foldable future

Foldable devices are coming. Samsung just unveiled its Galaxy X foldable device, and we know that the likes of Huawei, Lenovo, LG and even the unheard of Royole are all working on similar foldable devices. However, with foldable devices on the way, they’ll all need a foldable operating system to run on them, otherwise it’ll be […]

Samsung Galaxy X: Possible name leaked for foldable phone

The Samsung Galaxy X, Samsungs upcoming foldable phone, may be called the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It’s nothing if not literal. This revelation comes from Dutch tech blog LetsGoDigital which uncovered patent filings in Turkey that suggest Samsung has chosen this name for its new device. This name would be instead of the Galaxy X or […]

Samsung Galaxy X – A New Breakthrough? – Youtube

Samsung Galaxy X may be a new breakthrough.Samsung has been working on foldable displays for a number of years, and the Korean giant might finally, be ready to showcase its first completely flexible Smartphone in 2018.Visit Our Website- This is a concept of the first foldable phone from Samsung, that is, the Samsung Galaxy X […]

Samsung Galaxy F Release Date Delayed (AGAIN!!!)

The Samsung Galaxy F, you know, that foldable phone Samsung’s been working on for hundreds of years, has been delayed again… Excited about the prospect of a foldable Samsung Galaxy F phone? Well, you might want to curb your enthusiasm… The Galaxy F is delayed. AGAIN. According to T3, Samsung’s pushed back the release date […]