Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Finds Overwatch ‘Soothing’

When he’s not launching Tesla roadsters into space or selling vast amounts of flamethrowers simply because he can, Elon Musk likes to game in his downtime. One can imagine that the pressures of managing assets upwards of 20 billion dollars can become fairly overwhelming, so a lot of thought likely goes into what Musk chooses for his limited time dedicated to gaming. According to the man himself, Overwatch is one of the titles that he finds quite soothing. While squad-based shooters in which team cohesion plays a significant factor may not be a “soothing” experience for most, Musk evidently finds the Overwatch experience quite relaxing.

Elon has been a longstanding fan of Blizzard’s squad-based shooter, who even went so far as to recommend the game to all of his Twitter followers in 2016. The space-facing entrepreneur has continued to recommend the game in the years since,  more recently revealing his favorite character to be Soldier 76. Now two years after Elon confirmed he was an avid player of the game, it looks like Overwatch is still going strong in the Musk household. Elon has confirmed that he plays on PC, joining the recent ranks of Terry Crews, Drake, and Snoop Dogg as celebrities who have made splashes in the gaming world.

Here’s Musk answering a fan who asked him if he plays Overwatch:

It’s an exciting time for fans of Blizzard’s popular multiplayer title, which is poised to introduce a brand new character named Brigitte next week. The tank/support hybrid will become the 27th character to join the roster, though only time will tell if she becomes a competitive choice for the most oft-selected characters. It seems most gamers select D.Va, Mercy, and Moira more than any other roster character, so Brigitte will certainly have her work cut out for her when she becomes fully available on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

It’s not clear how often Elon Musk actually gets to play Overwatch, nor how frequently he switches away from his main choice in Soldier 76. In any event, the billionaire has been an avid supporter of Blizzard’s squad-based shooter for years now, and his recent tweet is a nice testament to the work Blizzard has put in to maintaining the title’s relevance. No word yet on if Musk will be launching any Overwatch swag into space – which is something Blizzard has actually joked about previously.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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