The Division 2’s Day One Patch on PS4 is Huge – Game Rant

Fans are getting ready for The Division 2‘s launch on March 15, 2019, but an announcement from Ubisoft may concern prospective PlayStation 4 players when it comes to their hard drive space. According to a new update from Ubisoft’s support page, PS4 players of The Division 2 that purchase a physical copy of the game will need to download a huge “Title Update 1” patch.

On its support page, Ubisoft recommends that PS4 users playing The Division 2 via physical copies should start by installing from disc and allowing the console to stay online so it can also download Title Update 1 at the same time, and that players should “expect a 88-92 GB download”. The post then goes on to confirm that “whether installed from a disc or downloaded digitally the final HDD install size will be between 88-92 GB”.

Curiously enough, a separate post on The Division 2‘s official website states that players should expect the Title Update 1 for PS4 to be “a 48-52 GB download”. This particular listing for the PS4 version of the game then goes on to state, “Whether installed from a disc or downloaded digitally, the final HDD install size, including the patch will be between 90-100 GB.”

Even more confusing is that both the PC and Xbox One versions of The Division 2 are roughly half the installation size as on PS4. Both PC and Xbox One are said to have a total installation size with the Day One patch and game itself all together sitting between 48-52 GB. Undoubtedly, The Division 2 players on PS4 will likely wonder why their game file is so much larger than on other platforms.

the division 2 preload start times

As if The Division 2‘s Title Update 1 patch wasn’t enough, there’s another update players will have to download before being able to play at launch. This will be Title Update 1.5, and it will come about on March 11. Luckily enough, though, Title Update 1.5 will only be about 2 GB.

For digital purchasers of The Division 2, preloading should soften the sting of such a massive download. In the Americas, those who pre-ordered the game’s Gold and Ultimate Editions can begin preloading on March 10 at 12:01 am EST in order to better prepare for their 3-day early access. Standard Edition owners can begin preloading March 13 at 12:01.

With such hefty download sizes for The Division 2, it may seem like physical game buyers are getting the short end of the stick. Its safe to presume many will not deny that to be the case here.

The Division 2 releases March 15, 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Division 2, Ubisoft (via Game Informer)

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