The New York Times is selling a unique Star Wars book

There are a ton of Star Wars books out there, ranging from novels to official reference books to unofficial histories and biographies. The New York Times has recently released a Star Wars book of its own: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, which compiles most of the publications’ coverage on the franchise.

The coffee table book begins its coverage in 1973 with a feature about George Lucas, which revealed that he was working on a space opera film. The Times describes the book as the “ultimate anthology” of its coverage of the franchise, containing its articles, reviews, obituaries, photographs, and more, from the beginning of the franchise all the way up to the recently released Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Image: New York Times

Steve Sansweet, the president of the nonprofit Star Wars memorabilia museum Rancho Obi-Wan got a copy for his collection, and recently flipped through it, showing off reproductions of the Times’ pages.

This is definitely a book for the hardcore collector — and it’ll cost you, although it isn’t as expensive as a high-quality replica lightsaber. A regular version of the book runs $70, but for another $10, you can get your name on it.

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