The smartphone curse continued in 2016

2015 was a gloomy year for smartphone manufacturers. The infamous processor Snadragon 810, which had a tendency to overheat, was the main culprit behind the manufacturers’ streak of bad luck. This year, we avoided a new scandal with Qualcomm and manufacturing problems but that did not make it that much calmer. Back to the smartphone curse which seems to have continued in 2016.

The Galaxy Note 7 scandal

It’s difficult not to start a list of problems we encountered in 2016 without mentioning the most famous (or infamous) one, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Without this problem, 2016 could have been a fairly peaceful year in terms of the curse.

This affair was quite simply the biggest scandal Samsung Mobile has ever had to face in its history. It’s truly been the leading story for the second part of the year, as the Note 7 suffered from serious battery problems. They had taken on the rather nasty habit of exploding in a totally random way.

The biggest scandal Samsung Mobile has ever faced in its history

After a first recall and an attempt at new marketing, Samsung ultimately had to recall its phablet. Nevertheless, the Note 7 was to be one of the best smartphones designed by the brand. According to several financial analysts, this failure was not without consequences since it resulted in a loss of around 16 billion dollars. This sum corresponds to 19 million sales predicted during the life cycle of the product. In addition, to this figure, add more than 1.5 billion dollars of losses for the 4 million manufactured smartphones that will never be sold. Finally, let us not forget the first recall that had cost the company $1 million. In short: it was an expensive blunder.

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The Note 7 or the exploding smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

The OnePlus 3 and color calibration

During the launch of the smartphone, one of the few weaknesses of the device was its display profile. The display calibration was somewhat aggressive and far from the natural result we had the right to expect from a flagship killer. This was no surprise. Manufacturers like to use bright and supersaturated colors to attract more users.

With its OnePlus 3, the Chinese manufacturer had gone too far and many users regretted this choice. A few months later, the firm deployed an update with the aim of correcting the shot with a standard RGB display mode. Farewell bluish by-product; the temperature curve was once again homogeneous and realistic. OnePlus was also forced to deploy another update to reduce overheating problems.

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OnePlus had to update its OnePlus 2 to respond to the user reviews. / © werkmannschaft

iOs 10.1.1 that ruins the battery life of iPhones

Of course, Android manufacturers are not the only ones affected by these issues. Apple has also had its share of problems. A part from battery problems on the iPhone 6 where the Cupertino firm had to proceed to a recall at the end of the year, iOS 10.1.1 update had important consequences on the battery life of iPhones. There was consistent evidence to support this due to the number of complaints from users about a battery that was easily drained.

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Apple has also had problems in 2016. © AndroidPIT

2016: a good report spoilt by the Galaxy Note 7

Finally, without the Galaxy Note 7 scandal, 2016 could have been an almost perfect year. The year had, indeed, started well but the Samsung affair came and tarnished a result which was quite positive thus far. Since this gloomy 2015, manufacturers seem to have taken the remarks of their community into consideration and have learnt from mistakes of the past. Samsung, with its Galaxy S8, should not disappoint us.

2016 was not so bad for the manufacturers after all

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