The Walking Dead Final Season Gameplay Demo Leaks

When it was revealed that Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead would have its final season release sometime this year, fans of the episodic video game based on Robert Kirkman’s comic universe were largely ecstatic. After all, the last season ended on a cliffhanger, as Clementine began her search for AJ.

Now at this past weekend’s PAX East, details about The Walking Dead: The Final Season have been revealed, with a clip of the game’s tech demo leaking online. Among the various details mentioned, it was revealed that the game would feature a “significant time jump.” It was also mentioned that a dog named Rosie and a torn-down boarding school would be important to the story.

Considering Telltale Games kept it no secret that the world’s first look at the game was coming this past weekend, many fans of the series were expecting details to be revealed, and it seems like they were not disappointed. If the abundance of details wasn’t satisfying enough, the below video depicts an uncertain character who appears to be Clementine bashing a zombie’s head in with a brick. Check it out below:

While this clip seems pretty standard as far as Telltale Games go, it was also mentioned that there would be more real-world movement than previous Walking Dead installments, meaning that players get more time to control the Clementine they’ve molded over past seasons. Moreover, it also appears that some zombie battles are not scripted, bringing an unprecedented level of combat to the free movement.

Although it seems there will still be a wait before a release date is confirmed, it appears the game is bringing a lot to the table for its final season. While waiting for more concrete details, fans of the game may very well be keeping up with TV show of the same universe. Those fans may actually be wondering: “Who did Negan pick up?”

The Walking Dead: The Final Season currently has no release date but is expected to release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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