The Witcher 3 Mod Unlocks the Devil’s Pit

Despite having been available for nearly two years at this point, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains a popular title for the modding community, as there have been a plethora of graphics mods, first-person mods, and even ones as simple as adding snow to the open world created since the base game’s initial launch. Now, however, one fan has decided to make a fresh mod available called “Enter the Devil’s Pit,” which unlocks a brand new area that includes 20 new items, a bunch of non-playable characters (NPCs), bombs, potions, weapons, and much more.

As seen below in the Enter the Devil’s Pit trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the mod’s creator SkacikPL takes viewers on a journey through the cavernous reaches of a previously unused area at the Devil’s Pit quarry, thus making it a new addition to the game world. Alongside freshly included items such as a steel sword, wearable hood, throwing knives, spring and bear traps, and more, players will encounter NPCs like a human alchemist known as Thaddeus, The Witcher 2 character Saskia, a mercenary-for-hire named Victoria, and Iorveth, who is the commander of the last Scoia’tael commando.

Furthermore, should The Witcher 3 fans not be impressed by all that the Enter the Devil’s Pit mod has to offer, SkacikPL has also incorporated a feature that will help refine players’ combat abilities. To do so, the modder has created repeatable Doppler fights that allows Geralt of Rivia to test his skills against his mirror image, which is a concept similar to Dark Link – that is, the dark reflection of Link from The Legend of Zelda franchise.

All things considered, SkacikPL’s Enter the Devil’s Pit mod should delight The Witcher 3 fans who have managed to run out of things to do in the game, as the creation adds a sizable amount of fresh content to the title. With this being the case, there’s no doubt that the new mod manages to expand upon what made The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt one of the top 10 best video games of 2015 to make it even better.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: SkacikPL – YouTube

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