This is how the new Xbox One screen saver works in the 1710 update

The Xbox One is getting some updated screen saver features in the 1710 update, which is expected to land in October 2017.

The 1710 Xbox One update will also bring elements of Fluent Design, a redesigned home screen, a new guide, and much more. The 1710 update is currently in testing on the Xbox Insider Program, with the Alpha and Beta rings enjoying the most up to date features.

We recently got an advanced look at the new screen saver features, and they’re going live to the Alpha ring very soon. There’s nothing particularly ground breaking here, but it’s nice to see the feature evolve beyond its basic feature set.

Much like the current screen dimmer, you’re able to set specific time intervals for the screen to go dark. The screen saver now includes the time, and I feel as though there might be some room for additional customization in future updates, perhaps with different styles of screen saver, old-school Windows-style.

Screen savers were originally intended to prevent screen burn-in when the display was showing a single idle image. While CRTs and older Plasma TV sets were particularly susceptible, LED-based TVs are generally resistant to screen savers. Screen savers are more to do with saving power nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look cool and provide extra functionality at the same time.

The new screen saver will display much, much larger notifications than the smaller ones we’re used to today. The large notifications are designed to catch your eye if you’re working away from your TV, or paying attention to something else. They’re easily activated too, using the “Y” button on your controller. These “idle” notifications will also head out to mobile devices if you’re away from the TV.

You can also now activate the screen saver from the long-press Xbox button menu on your controller. You will be able to hold down the Xbox button on your controller, and simply hit “X” to activate the screen saver.

Wrapping up

To speculate, the new screen saver could be expanded to include new animations, perhaps even image slide shows from our favorite games or screenshots in the future. Perhaps we could even get the Windows Spotlight feature currently available on the Windows 10 lock screen, pulling high-res photos from Bing’s front page.

The 1710 update is expected to arrive for the public some time in October 2017, and we’ll also see new Avatars, and maybe even game gifting included before the Xbox Insider Program is finished with this preview wave.

The latest 1710 Xbox update: light theme, and more!

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