Use This Trick to Boost Attack and Defense

When it comes to Monster Hunter World there are dozens of ways that players can approach a hunt. Some choose to cater their build towards support, by using the Mushroomancer skill for example, while others focus on eliminating elemental damage and surviving monster roars. But many will put their efforts towards skills and trinkets that raise defense and attack.

Granted, doing damage and surviving monster hits is not the only goal in Monster Hunter World, but it does help. And there is an easy way to boost one’s attack and defense without doing a lot of heavy lifting. All it really requires is a good chunk of money and some easy to acquire monster parts.

Armorcharm and Powercharm

Early on players will notice that the merchant in Astera has an Armorcharm and a Powercharm for sale. These items will boost a player’s defense and armor, respectively, as long as they are in the player’s item pouch. However, the charms are not cheap, with the Armorcharm selling for 24,000 Zenny and the Powercharm selling for 35,000 Zenny.

powercharm at merchant

Even with the Armorcharm and the Powercharm, players will see an immediate boost to their attack and defense, but there is a way to take things a step further. Both of the charms can be upgraded via crafting and all that is needed is a Bazelgeuse talon.

powertalon upgrade screen

Now, fighting Bazelgeuse might seem like a tall order but luckily the talon drops pretty frequently if players use the Plunderblade gadget on their Palico. Simply circle around the Bazelgeuse while commanding the Palico to use the Plunderblade and eventually a few talons should drop on the ground or end up in the post-quest rewards. Again, you don’t even need to defeat the Bazelgeuse, just quit out of the quest after a few minutes of Plunderblade use.

With Bazelgeuse talons in hand, players can now upgrade their Powercharm and Armorcharm to the Powertalon and Armortalon. Like the charms, these items need to sit in the player’s item pouch to give the attack and defense buff, but the boost is more significant.

armortalon in inventory

And if players want an even greater boost they can rebuy the Armorcharm and the Powercharm and put those back into their item pouch. Monster Hunter World only lets you hold one of each, but it doesn’t count the charms and the talons as the same item, only upgraded. So, if you want a little more survivability and want to do a little extra damage, we recommend saving four item slots for the charms and talons.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases in fall 2018.

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