Vote: what platform has the best and worst emoji?

same emoji different platforms
A visualization of how differently one emoji is interpreted. / © GroupLens

From Apple’s attempts at realism – seemingly a lazy hangover from its more skeuomorphic days – to Google’s hilariously oddball creations, the emoji we use vary widely in appearance, and thus interpretation, across different platforms.

Google’s are almost certain to be taken more humorously, while HTC’s maintain a pale, slightly tranquilized gaze that is unnerving in a deep and obscure way. Samsung’s, on the other hand, have that glossy pride that hints at a simpler world but also feels more than a little tacky.

These are just my takes, of course, what I really want are your opinions. Spread your gaze over the table I’ve laboriously pieced together and vote on which platform you think has the best and the worst emoji.

emoji table 2
The same emoji, but very different emotions. / © ANDROIDPIT

The hats are in the ring, let’s emojiwrestle.

How do they all make you feel? Let me know in the comments.

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