Wake Up To Rick Astley Every Morning With Google Home

Richard Goodwin

02/02/2018 – 9:30am

A new Google Home features lets you pick a song to wake you up in the morning – so you can rickroll yourself out of bed

Google is constantly tweaking its Assistant, adding in new features and capabilities. The device, while novel and kinda useful, still feels a little beta – I have two and I do use them, but a lot of the time they mess up basic stuff.

The latest feature Google has added to the mix is the ability to use a song, drawn from whatever music service you have associated with Google Home, as an alarm for when you want to get up in the morning.

Setting up this feature is simple: just ask Google Home to, “set an alarm for 7am that plays [insert artist’s name]”, and you’re done. You no longer have to download the track for it to work offline as well, which makes setup A LOT easier than before.

Not a fan of being rickrolled every morning, want something with more of a punch? Simple: just add a track from Metallica or Agoraphobic Nosebleed instead. The choice is yours – if it’s on Google Music or Spotify it’ll work.

As before, Google Home lets you turn the alarm off with your voice. This, at least for me, usually means I wake up, tell it to shut up, and then go back to sleep. A better alarm system would invoice having to get out of bed and actually touching the unit to stop the alarm. That way it’d force you out of bed and get the next day started at the proper time.

Google has also added a TV guide feature to Google Home, so you can ask it what channel and time the F1 is on, for instance, or what films are on TV tonight. Not a massive feature, but a handy one all the same. Results are, obviously, dependant on your location and I have a sneaking suspicion this will only work properly in the US (I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet).

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