What 10GB of Mobile Data REALLY Looks Like (Infographic)

Richard Goodwin

24/04/2018 – 11:11am

Ever wondered how much bang for you buck you get with mobile data? Here’s EXACTLY what 10GB of data gets you…

Mobile data is the most expensive thing about running a phone these days.

Data has replaced calls and texts as mobile networks main revenue source.

The advent of 3G and then 4G has changed the way people use their phones.

When was the last time you ACTUALLY called someone? What about the last SMS you sent?

Most things these days are done over mobile data – 4G – or WiFi networks inside apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Basically, we use A LOT of mobile data these days.

So What Does 10GB of Mobile Data ACTUALLY Get You?

FoneHouse has put together a handy infographic which details exactly what you get with a 10GB of mobile data allowance.

It shows how much streaming you can do, how much web browsing, and how many songs you can listen to over mobile data.

The numbers, as you can see below, are pretty hefty!

5G And The Future of Mobile Data

4G is just the beginning. Right now networks are steadily building up the network to support the next phase of mobile data – 5G.

5G is already kind-of-available in parts of the US. In the UK, it’ll probably be a few years before it becomes common.

But work is now underway on 5G infrastructure.

4G vs 5G – What’s The Difference?

The difference will be MASSIVE.

Just like the step up from dial-up to broadband was. Only here, the speed you’ll get will be on your phone.

5G researchers at the University of Surrey were able to reach speeds of 1Tbit/sec!!

To put that into perspective, current 4G speed is about 300mbps.

As I said: the difference will be like night and day.

Alex Gledhill, from Intel UK, gives a good description of this technology: “5G is envisioned as an end to end ecosystem that enables a fully mobile and connected society. In a nutshell, 5G networks will provide more data bandwidth and less latency due to built-in computing intelligence aimed at handling more data more efficiently than today’s 4G networks.”

The only downside to 5G is that it likely won’t be here (properly) until the mid-2020s.

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