What if Alexa or Google Assistant was a smoke alarm?

I don’t know how many ways to interact with Alexa is ideal. Three devices scattered throughout your home? Two dozen? Every cell in your body replaced with a cheerful voice assistant? Who knows.

What I do know is that First Alert’s new Onelink Safe & Sound smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, as spotted by CNET, is an interesting way to get more Alexa in your life. By mounting Onelink to your ceiling (it needs to be hardwired, but there’s a backup battery) you get “immersive, omni-directional audio” and as a bonus you’re a little bit safer. In addition to all the standard Alexa functionality, there’s a companion app which will let you test and silence the alarm.

In case Alexa isn’t your favorite, First Alert will also offer a Google Assistant version of Safe & Sound, and there’s also a version which integrates with Apple HomeKit and works as an AirPlay 2 speaker. No word on price or availability for any of them.

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