What the future of Windows 10 will look like. #AskDanWindows Episode 35

There are multiple factors that contribute to UWP adoption and one of those is visible disregard for their own platform.

Sure they are rolling out small number of o/s ‘upgrades’ per year. However management who hold the financial resources need tangible evidence to fund projects and Microsoft has been in essence solely focused on ios and android when it comes to visible movement. Heck their two mainstay acquisitions do not even have a full UWP app.

Plus they are way off from their 1 billion devices by 400 million, desktop users by in large don’t primarily use store apps but mobile users do.

So when you make a case for development of a Windows store app, you need to showcase that Microsoft is doing what they can to fuel momentum and reassure that risk is minimal and the ROI is sound. But in reality, Microsoft has not been focused on their own ecosystem. Actions speak louder than words.

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