What’s The #1 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Alternative Right Now?

Thinking about getting a new phone? Not sure if you want the Samsung Galaxy S9? Check out our pick for the #1 Galaxy S9 alternative…

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a fine, fine phone. It looks great, takes excellent pictures and videos, and it rocks great software. For many, it is the perfect phone…

But if you’re looking for something a little different in 2018, what are your options?

I do really like Samsung phones, but if you’ve used the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S8, you might want a change of pace.

Good news, you have options – quite a few, actually.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Alternative



My #1 pick for the best Samsung Galaxy S9 alternative right now, based on design, performance, and value for money, would have to be the OnePlus 6.

Not only is the OnePlus 6 A LOT cheaper (£469 SIM-free), but it also packs in a raft of innovative technology like face unlock, 6 to 8GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage, and a great camera.

I’ve been using my OnePlus 6 24/7 since I first got it in to test; it hasn’t missed a beat. Not once. The battery life is incredible too; you can forget to charge it overnight and it’ll easily last into the late afternoon the next day.

OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9

They’re both great handsets, so I wouldn’t say one was better than the other but the OnePlus 6 does have one major USP over the Galaxy S9.

Price – it is a hell of a lot cheaper, and you’re getting much the same experience (only for about 30-40% less money).

And for me, this is a significant.

What About The iPhone?


Yeah, Apple’s iPhone is definitely a viable alternative too; though, you will pay more for one of these than you would a Samsung.

The iPhone XS is about 50% more than the OnePlus 6, meaning you could buy TWO OnePlus 6 handsets for the price of one iPhone XS.

And that, again, is pretty significant…

Things To Keep In Mind?

Apple and Samsung are involved a pricing competition that is bad for consumers; Apple hiked the prices of its iPhones, and Samsung has now followed suite.

The two most popular phone makers on the planet are now charging more for their respective flagships than ever before. For this reason, you’re going to be spending A LOT of money for a phone from either company.

OnePlus, meanwhile, prices its phones WAY more accessible. I mean, it’s half the price of the iPhone X and the two handsets’ specs sheets are not that dissimilar (the OnePlus is better in some regards).

If value for money is important to you, the OnePlus 6 is just about the best handset in town right now – no one else can compete with OnePlus in this context.

Obviously, this is just my 2¢ on the matter, but as someone that has used ALL of the phones mentioned in this post, I can say with quite a bit of authority that the only thing that really separates these three phones is price.

Performance and specs and things like imaging quality are all more or less equal – meaning, the average user will not be able to tell much difference (except for inside their bank account).

And you get it for 50% less than the iPhone XS! 

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