Why You Will 100% Need A Case For Your iPhone X

If you’re buying an iPhone X – or have already got one – please do ensure you also get a case

The iPhone X is a great-looking phone that is also hella expensive. It is also exceptionally fragile as well, and these factors combined equate to one thing and one thing only: you 100% need a case for your iPhone X.

Since the iPhone X went on sale there have been myriad reports about users dropping them and ruining them. The handset is made out of spider webs, pixy dust, and glass and is not designed to be dropped. Like, ever. If you do drop it, it will smash, and the bill to fix or replace it will be massive.

So, yes: moral of the story – get a case for your iPhone X. And if you’re STILL not convinced, take a look at these horror stories below:

What is the best case for the iPhone X? I literally have no idea; there are so many options out there you could spend the rest of 2017 and 2018 looking at potential options and not even scratch the surface.

There are hundreds of case makers and they all make thousands of different designs. Most of the time, I like cases that don’t hide my phone’s design. This is, even more, pressing with the iPhone X as well, as the design of the phone is a large part of why you paid so much for it in the first place.

Amazon has a massive range of iPhone X cases; these cases are also peer-reviewed by users and this is great for when you’re eyeing up a potential case.

Society6 is another place I like to shop for cases, especially when I’m looking for something a little unusual – they have lots of great, unique designs created by independent artists. If you like that sort of thing, then definitely check out Society6’s collection.

Just make sure you get one, anything, because if you drop the iPhone X, which you almost certainly will, it will 100% smash and then you’re left with a very expensive problem.

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