Xbox One X accessories you need for the best overall experience

The Xbox One X might offer the best gaming experience from a console, but what if you want something more?

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s beastly new console, sporting six teraflops (TF) of computational power to produce 4K HDR visuals across more than 130 games (with many more on the way). If you’re jumping into the Xbox ecosystem for the first time (and have the cash to burn), there are more than a few accessories and other hardware you need to complete your setup. Here are some of our recommendations for Xbox accessories, 4K TVs, and other products to improve the overall “Xperience” (sorry).

Xbox One X

First, you need an Xbox One X, of course! The Xbox One X clocks in at $499.99, and powers 4K gaming in the smallest Xbox console ever built. Using advanced cooling techniques, and other tricks, the Xbox One X sports all the features of the Xbox One S, complete with superior firepower.

The 4K Blu-ray, 4K game-recording DVR and streaming, IR blaster for TV remote control, HDMI-in for integrating TV channels, USB ports for peripherals and accessories, and support for both horizontal and vertical positioning make this the console to beat. Microsoft is aiming for all multi-platform games to look and play better on the Xbox One X, and having gone hands-on with the console a few times, it certainly looks as though Microsoft will achieve its aims.

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Xbox Elite Controller

If you’re prepped to dial your gaming up a notch, why not throw in an Xbox One Elite Controller for good measure?

The Xbox One Elite Controller comes with four additional programmable paddle buttons, trigger locks for rapid firing, interchangeable joysticks for more precision, and a more accurate D-pad for those fighting games. It’s arguably the best video game controller ever, and it’s available for around $140.

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Custom Xbox Design Lab Controller

The Xbox Design Lab lets you tailor an Xbox controller with colors of your choice. You can even select different types of material finishes for the triggers.

The Design Lab controllers also support Bluetooth, making them a viable option for PCs and compatible mobile games. Design Lab controllers start at $80. We’re big fans of them at Windows Central.

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If you’re going all-in on the 4K ecosystem, picking up a powerful TV to match might be a good plan. If you have cash to burn, you should look no further than the outstanding LG C7 OLED TV.

As described by, the LG C7 is currently regarded as the best-in-class for 4K HDR gaming. From that site:

The best 4K TV we’ve tested for HDR gaming is the LG C7 OLED TV. It offers both the best HDR picture quality available today as well as some of the lowest input lag found in TVs. The picture quality of OLED TVs is unmatched by standard LED/LCD TVs like the Samsung Q9F, and the C7 is the best one we’ve reviewed.

The LG C7 is not cheap, clocking in at around $1,800 for a 55-inch panel, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, this is it.

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For more TV options and more affordable options, be sure to check out our roundup of best Xbox One X 4K TVs.

Best Xbox One X 4K HDR TVs

Xbox One X vertical stand

Unlike the original Xbox One which could only be placed horizontally, the Xbox One X has been designed to accommodate vertical positioning. While the Xbox One X is the smallest variant of family, standing the console on its side saves even further space no matter the surface you’re standing it on.

For those who purchased the highly coveted Xbox One X “Project Scorpio Edition,” an official stand is included in the box, securing your vertical console with a sturdier base. While Microsoft has promised an official standalone stand is in the works, buyers will need to rely on a third-party solution in the meantime.

PowerA has developed its own licensed stand, priced at $14.99 in the U.S. Designed specifically for the Xbox One X, the stand features clips to hold the device in place with a clean and simple fit.

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Powerful headsets

The Xbox One X, like the Xbox One S, also supports optical audio, which is great for powering rich sound solutions.

Currently, we regard Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro Tournament headset ($199) as the best money can buy, for the sheer amount of audio options and control it provides, its robust and comforting design, and industry-leading sound quality. It does, however, come with piles of wiring, so for living room setups, we’re more inclined to recommend Astro’s wireless A50 headset ($299), which comes with a tidy dock, rich sound performance, and a comfortable design.

See the link below for even more headsets to help complete your perfect Xbox One set up.

Best Xbox One X headsets

Extra storage for your Xbox One X

It might also be worth considering additional storage for your Xbox One X, considering the standard edition only comes with 1TB of hard-disk drive (HDD) space. Xbox One X games are likely to be very large compared to their Xbox One counterparts, due to the additional file sizes needed to support 4K assets and textures. Thankfully, Seagate has an array of great storage solutions on the market.

The 8TB Game Drive ($199) is a beastly storage option, providing two additional USB ports for things like headsets and controllers, and also a huge amount of extra HDD storage. And 8TB should be enough to store hundreds of games, even with 4K assets, and should last you a long time.

Seagate also does USB-powered game drives, ranging from 2TB ($89) to 4TB ($129), and they come with two months’ worth of Xbox Game Pass subscription time, providing free access to hundreds of current and classic games.

Finally, Seagate does a small, but speedy 512GB solid-state drive (SSD) ($199) option, which will provide rapid SSD loading speeds for the games you love the most. You can even daisy chain it with the 8TB Game Drive.

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Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a recent addition to the Xbox One family, offering a Netflix-style subscription service for a library of curated titles. For a flat monthly fee of $9.99, buyers will gain access to the entire library of Xbox Game Pass titles – now nearly 150 titles strong.

Furthermore, like similar subscription-based services, the Xbox Game Pass library is ever changing. A batch of titles are added to the library at the start of each month, spanning Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox via backward compatibility. While similar services have been offered for games in the past, few allow downloads to a hard drive, dismissing the need for a high-speed internet connection.

Game Pass might not offer the new library of titles needed for seasoned gamers, but for those new to the console, the service offers unrivalled choice and value.

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Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live Gold is the essential subscription for any Xbox One user, offering access to some of the console’s best features. This premium subscription grants full access to Microsoft’s gaming network, including online multiplayer and group party chat.

As a part of the subscription, you’ll also be enrolled in Games with Gold – a service will offers four free games per month across Xbox One and Xbox 360. Once the month is over these games will also remain in your games library, providing a constant flow of free games throughout the duration of your subscription. Xbox Live Gold members also gain exclusive discounts on select Xbox titles, which cycle out on a weekly basis. Xbox Live Gold starts at $9.99 per month or $59.99 for an annual subscription.

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Other great Xbox One X accessories

There are dozens of other awesome accessories out there, including battery charging packs, gaming chairs, and Kinect. Hit the links below to see more of our guides and Xbox One accessory recommendations!

Note: All accessories that are compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox One S are also compatible with the Xbox One X, as Microsoft emphasizes the cross-compatible nature of the Xbox One family of devices.

If you have any more recommendations, drop them in the comments. And if you have any questions, we’ll try and answer them.

Updated October 30, 2017: Added the latest accessories in anticipation for the Xbox One X release.

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