You can now get an iPhone battery replacement in the UK for £25: Here’s how

UK residents can now take advantage of Apple’s heavily reduced out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement scheme. 

From 2 January until December 2018, you can get an iPhone battery replacement for just £25, that’s £54 less than the normal £79 cost of an out-of-warranty replacement battery normally.

After Apple admitted it intentionally slows down older iPhones, the firm released an open apology, trying to clear up any misunderstanding around the debacle. In an effort to regain the trust of its customers, Apple will replace an iPhone battery for £25 for those with an iPhone 6 or later. Here’s how:

Which handsets fall under the £25 iPhone battery replacement deal? 

– iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

– iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus (Though you may be eligible for a free replacement, see below) 

– iPhone SE

– iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus 

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How to replace your iPhone battery for £25

There are different ways you can get your iPhone battery replaced. You can either book an appointment to see a Genius at an Apple store, or, and this is the easiest and most convenient way, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. 

2. Tell them you would like to replace your iPhone battery.

3. They will run diagnostics on your iPhone battery remotely.

4. They will then initialise the process and give you the option to bring your phone into an Apple store, or send it in through the post.

Are you eligible for a free iPhone battery replacement on your iPhone 6S? 

A small number of iPhone 6S devices manufactured between September and October 2015 have been known to unexpectedly shut down. Apple is giving users of these iPhone 6S devices a free battery replacement. Put your serial number into Apple’s website to see if you’re eligible – and you won’t even have to pay £25. 

Why is Apple replacing iPhone batteries for only £25? 

Last month, Apple admitted to slowing down older iPhones to combat weakening batteries. Following a fairly hostile response, Apple was forced to apologise and decided to slash the price of iPhone battery replacements. Apple is now facing eight lawsuits in California, New York and Illinois over the concerns. 

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