Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds – Animal Figurine Location Guide

After launching Horizon: Zero Dawn earlier this year, the new IP set massive records for Sony becoming its biggest launch ever. Without a typical season pass to give players some direction of where the game was heading post-launch, Sony and Guerrilla Games surprised a lot of fans at E3 this year by announcing a new expansion for the game called The Frozen Wilds.

The new story expansion takes the main protagonist Aloy to a new location in the north, a place where the isolated Banuk tribe calls home. This cold and snowy landscape is home to a new Mountain that appears to be spewing smoke into the sky as well as a new demonic corruption that has taken hold of many machines located there. Aloy takes it upon herself to investigate and find answers to what’s going on. Of course, this new area is ripe with new things for players to do and new machines to fight like the fast-moving Scorcher.


One such activity tasks players with hunting down several hidden animal statues, reminiscent of the Banuk Figures from the base game. This guide has the locations of all six hidden figures in Horizon: Zero Dawn’s new land known as The Cut.

Location 1 – The Moose

Northwest of the colored hot springs is a control tower that players can choose to either destroy or override. Right near the tower on its eastern side is a ruined fireplace housing the first animal figure. Players should also watch for bandits, stalkers, and scrappers that patrol nearby as well.

Location 2 – The Cougar

Head south from Greycatch Dam on the eastern side of the river. In the southernmost ruined building that features iron railings over one of its windows, the figure can be found in a doorway on the western side of the building.

horizon zero dawn snowy pass

Location 3 – The Bison

The next location can get tricky as this animal figure is located in ruins in the south-western part of the map that is now occupied by Chargers. Head Northwest from Song’s Edge, look for a small house in this Charger site with red grass surrounding it. The figure can be grabbed on a window ledge.

Location 4 – The Grizzly Bear

Found in Ourea’s hideout, this figure can be grabbed at the end of the main quest called The Shaman’s Path. The figure can be found sitting on a nearby desk after speaking to Ourea and solving the puzzle.

Players who miss this opportunity can always go back after the fact, or get another opportunity to snag it during The FOrge of Winter quest as well.

horizon zero dawn thunderjaw mountain

Location 5 – The Stag

Inside the Drone Hangar to the north, look for a platform with a broken ladder on the opposite side of where the main quest sends Aloy. Simply jump up here to find the figure waiting.

Location 6 – The Wolf

The final figure is waiting for players northeast of Song’s Edge as players make their way to Longnotch. On the eastern outskirts of a control tower, the figure can be found resting inside of a broken stone tower archway.

The Reward

As players are well aware, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game that rewards its players for taking the time to hunt down all the various collectables. Naturally, the same is true for these animal figurines as well. Each figure can be taken to Enjuk, a merchant who has taken up residence in the ruined visitor center in the middle of The Cut. Head to the colorful hot springs at the Trampler site, then run southwest until you reach Enjuk’s wooden establishment.

horizon zero dawn enjuk

Players will be getting treasure boxes for each statue turned in as well as Bluegleam, but what’s even more interesting is that each figure activates a corresponding hologram of the animal, even letting the player learn a little bit more on the creature.

Horizon Zero Dawn and The Frozen Wilds expansion are available now, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: VG247

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